Be Great is a Health and Fitness Company centered around 1 on 1 coaching.

Started in 2020 and located in Camas, WA.

Our goal through coaching is to help people become the best versions of themselves.

We do this through health, fitness, wellness, and mindset.

Our Mission: Simplify Nutrition + Health

Since our origin in 2020, we have coached and met a lot of people working towards similar goals, bettering themselves physically and mentally.

We have also gotten together to do like minded things:

  • Running Marathons
  • Group Workouts at the Gym
  • Community Gatherings

This ended up creating a community, which has allowed us to do things we like such as making fun apparel for that community to wear.

Whether you work with BE GREAT as a client, or wear BE GREAT merch, you are in the community.


  • The “KEEP IT SIMPLE” Method
    • The “KEEP IT SIMPLE” method promotes a sustainable fitness journey. Encouraging you to eat, exercise, and live, the way you intend to
    • A lot of people overcomplicate a healthy lifestyle; We created the “KEEP IT SIMPLE” method to simplify the process and make it realistic to you.
    • Sustainable methods create sustainable results, and when we keep it simple, we win the long term game of health.

No more trends or fad diets. No more losing 30 lbs 10 times over, just to do it again and again. It is time to figure out what actually works for you. That is what “KEEP IT SIMPLE” is all about.



We want you to have fun doing this. We have worked with hundreds of people that have all been in the same spot that you are. Scared to get going, don't know what to do, and thinking “maybe this isn't right for me.” All of our clients have overcome similar fears and challenges. No matter what your uncomfortability is, we can help you through it. We are committed to you.