Read about how Be Great got started


I started weightlifting in high school for sports. I played football, basketball, soccer and baseball. This picture is from my senior year when I was invited to run routes at Nike's Elite 11, "The Opening".


I was a walk-on at Carroll College. I came into a program that had won 6 out of the last 12 NAIA National Championships, coached by Mike Van Diest, one of college football's most winningest coaches. Needless to say, I needed to get bigger, faster, stronger, and learn more about the game of football.


My game improved, I started seeing some time on special teams, coaches and teammates took notice. I was interested in nutrition and how it can be used to improve performance, so I got my nutrition certification and started helping teammates. I also started my online nutrition coaching business at this time.


Shoulder and groin injuries put me in the training room a lot. I was constantly surrounded by other athletes - basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track. They started asking me nutrition questions, and quickly I started getting my first experience working with collegiate athletes. At this time I became interested with strength training to help us all get healthy, so I got my personal training certification. This led to me starting to work with clients in person as well


I got healthy from my training and was able to get back on the field, earning a football scholarship from being a walk-on. I graduated college, continued coaching clients online and training clients in-person. I got certifications in mindset and health coaching to elevate my service.


The saying, “Be Great” kept populating, so I made socks and shirts for people to wear and spread the message. This was also the year I decided to run my first marathon. I was building momentum with the community and decided to go all in with Be Great. This was my first true year in business. 3 months after going full-time, covid hit, forcing me to move all of my coaching and training online.


Since going online, I have continued growing and refining, working with hundreds and hundreds of online clients in nutrition, fitness and mindset. The Be Great community comes together to do group hikes, workouts and races. I give nutrition and fitness talks, and have consulted for financial institutions, performing arts programs, athletic programs, and the Olympic National Forest. We now have a community of thousands of people who have invited fitness into their lives.