Origin story

BE GREAT began when I started working with high-performance collegiate athletes who were looking to maximize their performance on the field, court, track, etc.

Quickly it moved to the general public when businesses began asking me to help train their employees on better overall health and lifestyle habits.

I realized that no matter where you come from, we all have what it takes to BE GREAT.

I began creating apparel with the BE GREAT logo, and my clients said that it inspired them.

I realized that people everywhere wanted to better themselves, so I created BE GREAt to give everyone the chance to rock the BE GREAT standard.

At BE GREAT we aim to help people to improve their lives - from wherever their starting point is. We engineer success. Our clients and supporters learn - not only how to get into shape, or build businesses, but how to show up in life confident, happy, secure, strong, and impactful.

The BE GREAT team is an open invitation to all.

Once you make the decision that you want better, you are part of the family.

We all have different challenges and life stories. What unites us is our fight to push back. We get through our biggest hurdles and challenges together. That is how we achieve greatness. We are greater when we work together. You cannot BE GREAT alone. Greatness is built with community. Camaraderie. We are all learning everyday.

We are all challenging ourselves every day to push through our obstacles.

Let's BE GREAT together. 

If you want to join the Be Great team, get your gear today, wear it proudly, and wake up everyday and live up to the standard.